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Gary Fink

Gary Fink

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Ann Fink
About Us:

Gary Fink has been a photographer, archaeologist, environmental planner, historian, and traveler for many years with a passion for historic buildings. I have been recording images for most of my life, starting with the old Kodak brownie box cameras to film SLR to digital SLR. I enjoy the experience of being outdoors and walking, and, in particular, the historic buildings that represent our past, as well as nature and traveling.

Ann Fink is a teacher, educator, administrator, and photographer, whose greatest passion is traveling, the more the better. Her dedication to educating children is phenomenal, surpassed only by her skills in creating photographic images of our travels. She sees the detail that most photographers overlook.

About this Site:

This site showcases the elegance and beauty of historic properties in San Diego County, California, with a focus on the various cities in the county, and, when possible, to other cities and countries wherever we have travelled. Because we are lucky enough to be able to live in San Diego County, the majority of our photos are from this region.

Most of our images are houses, and many of them are on various agencies’ lists of important historic resources that they have deemed worthy of preservation. Others were photographed as outstanding examples of architecture, design, or due to their general aesthetic appeal. Some are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, some on the California Register of Historic Resources, and some are not listed at all.

All are photographed to show their existing condition and represent the time periods in which they were built and the craftsmanship of the era. Most are in excellent condition but there are several that are in differing degrees of disrepair, and these are depicted as they currently exist. Most of them range from 55 to 120 years of age, while some are older, such as historic adobes and missions well known throughout California and the southwestern United States.

This site also presents numerous nature and landscape photographs, as well as historic buildings, that were taken during our travels. These include images from California, the Canadian Rockies, Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian countries, China, Australia, and New Zealand thus far, with more to come.

We hope you enjoy these photographs as much as we have in shooting them!